Travelers Under 30

How Gen Y is Different than Their Predecessors

Like everything else they touch, millennials are changing the travel industry indefinitely. Their expectations of what to experience and how often they want new experiences are drastically different from any previous generations.

As a result of growing up in a digital age, there is a need for people under the age of 30 to constantly be stimulated, and learning from whatever it is they are doing. This holds true more than ever when it comes to traveling. Here are some industry trends that this younger generation is having a major impact on, how they’re doing it and why they’re doing it:

1) Learning about new cultures

According a recent Forbes article, the top two most important factors encouraging younger people to travel is 86% experiencing a new culture, and 69% eating local foods. These reasons trumped ones of the past like partying and shopping. We obviously agree with this wholeheartedly at FoodieTrip.

2) Creating an upwards curve in travel spend

As opposed to older generations, young travelers are spending more than ever before to create the ultimate vacation experience. In 2014 they spent a reported 224 billion in travel and that number is only going up. For this group, it’s about the new experiences and they are willing to spend the money for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

3) Spontaneity is key

They aren’t looking to book an entire vacation full of excursions before they get to their destination. Unlike their parents, millenials most likely won’t consult a travel agency while making their plans. They are more likely to book the skeleton of their trip like flights and hotels online, and figure the rest out once they arrive at their destination.

4) Combining business travel with leisure travel (bleisure travel)

As the average age of marriage goes up with each generation, it leaves people under 30 to feel less tied down. Only 26% of this generation is already married. Unlike their predecessors who when traveling for business looked at it as a strictly corporate trip, this generation is blending leisurely activities into their workcations.

5) Changing their perspective

In the past travel was seen as more of a luxury. For people under 30, they view it as more of a lifestyle; a necessity. It’s way for them to expand their mindsets in all different facets of life including politically and educationally. It’s crucial for them to meet people from other cultures and see the world through another’s eyes that is entirely different than their own.

In this world of hyper connectedness, it’s inevitable that the travel industry is going to be forever changed. Endless options are at the fingertips for any traveler who grew up in this digital age. It means that they have more opportunity than ever before to personalize their vacation and get exactly what they want out of their experiences.