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We’ve created our Help Center in order to answer the most common questions FoodieTrip members tend to ask us. For ease of use, we’ve broken all questions down by topic.
We’ve created our Help Center in order to answer the most common questions FoodieTrip members tend to ask us. For ease of use, we’ve broken all questions down by topic.


How FoodieTrip Began

FoodieTrip was born from the journey that our CEO, Matan Magril, took to Vietnam. Struggling to find truly authentic cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City, Matan decided to take a motorcycle-based food tour exploring the city’s best-hidden culinary treasures. The tour awakened Matan’s love for Vietnamese cuisine and culture and allowed him to connect with his local guides in a way that no restaurant could. When he returned home, FoodieTrip was born as a collaboration between Matan his close friend, Vladimir Borisov, both of whom sought to create a way to help other adventurous foodies enjoy the same type of authentic experience.

How It Works

FoodieTrip provides a convenient and curated marketplace for you to discover a wide range of extraordinary food-focused experiences in over 75 international cities around the world. Our expert food guides, excellent customer service, and secure transaction system mean you will always be safe and satisfied booking an experience with us. Whether you want to reconnect with your own heritage through its food or delve deeper into your passion for a particular cuisine or country, the perfect culinary experience is waiting for you here on FoodieTrip.

Who are Foodies?

Foodies are people who have an ardent or refined interest in food and beverages. A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger. And they love to explore authentic local cuisine while travelling.

Who Are The Guides?

Foodie Guides are food-obsessed local tastemakers who know the hidden culinary hotspots of their city. Whether it’s beverage tasting in a local speakeasy or a sizzling street food crawl, they know that when they offer travelers food, they are telling the story of what they love.

Foodie Guides are independent people who create unique culinary experiences to share with travelers from all around the world. Anyone with unique knowledge of food and a passion for their local cuisine can earn money offering a trip as a Foodie Guide. You might know the best food places in your city and want to show them off to travelers, or you might love cooking and want to prepare authentic dishes at your home and share them with foreign travelers.

Foodie Guides are carefully verified by FoodieTrip to ensure high quality and safety.

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By signing up for a FoodieTrip account, you become a part of the FoodieTrip family with the ability to create your own experiences, book existing experiences and access exclusive offers for FoodieTrip members.

You can register for an account using your email address or with your Facebook login.

Be sure to confirm your registration by clicking the link sent to you via email. We will use your email to send you important information and notifications about your experiences, bookings, payments and best of all exclusive FoodieTrip member offers.



I forgot my passowrd

Click the “Forgot your password?” link.

Enter your email.

Check your email for the link to reset your password.

Click the link.

Enter your new password and confirm it.


I want to change my password

To change your password go to your Profile, navigate to the Account section, and select Security. Enter your old password, then enter and confirm your new password. Your password will be changed.

If you forgot your password, you will need to reset it.


I want to change my email address

Unfortunately, at this time you are unable to change the email address connected to your FoodieTrip account. We're working on it!


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What are notifications?

Notifications help you keep track of your experiences. They can be found in the main menu of the site when you are logged in. You'll be alerted when you have a new notification.

How do I disable notifications?

You can manage your notifications and see only the ones that you need. To do this, go to the Notifications section in your profile and check or uncheck the boxes next to different types of notifications.

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How do I choose an Experience?

We offer hundreds of different experiences in cities all over the world. Search for your destination of interest or browse through our most popular experiences.

When you find an experience you like, you can request to book it. Easy as that!

What is a private experience?

Usually, guides offer experiences designed for a certain number of people and when booking an experience you should be aware that it's likely there will also be other travelers joining you. If you want an experience for just yourself or your group, you can choose a private experience (select the checkbox when booking). As a rule, private experiences are more expensive than regular ones. You will see an updated price for the private experience before booking confirmation.

How do I book an experience?


You've found an experience you want to book, great! Here's what you need to do:

Select the experience you'd like to book and enter the required information. Date, time, the number of guests and if you would like a private experience. Your total including the FoodieTrip service fee will be displayed. By clicking 'request to book' you'll be taken to the checkout page where we collect your information, take your payment information and send your request to the guide. Your funds are held at the time of booking.

Your guide has 24 hours to confirm your booking or cancel if they are unavailable for the date/time requested. If your guide is unavailable, your funds will be released to you. You will have the opportunity to chat with your guide directly by messaging through your FoodieTrip account when logged in.

You may create a FoodieTrip account (recommended) or checkout as a guest.

We gladly accept credit cards.

How does FoodieTrip guarantee that the tour will actually happen?

When a traveler pays for their tour, we do not transfer money directly to the guide. We wait for 48 hours after the start of the tour to make sure that the service has been rendered and no complaints were received from the traveler. Only in this case we will transfer payment to the guide. In addition, we block the accounts of all guides who have been caught providing shoddy service.

How does FoodieTrip guarantee the experience will actually go ahead?


When you make a booking request your funds are held by FoodieTrip and are not released to the guide until after you have completed your experience. The guide must wait 72 hours from the completion to ensure no complaints have been received. Guides who do not meet our high standards are banned from hosting FoodieTrip experiences.

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PAYMENT (travelers)

How can I ask a question about an Experience?

You can communicate directly with any of our guides by navigating to the experience you'd like to ask a question about and selecting "contact guide" under the booking request. You will be able to communicate through our internal messaging system. Please note, the sharing of personal information such as phone numbers, websites and email address is prohibited. FoodieTrip is not responsible for anything booked outside of our platform.

When will the guide receive payment for the tour?

All funds are held by FoodieTrip until completion of the experience, there is a 48 hour hold period after completion in which you have the opportunity to raise any concerns, complaints or issues. 

What happens to the payment if a guide cancels the Experience?

We try our best to minimize cancellations on paid experiences. We do, however, understand that there may be situations where a guide needs to cancel the experience. See our Cancellation Policy.

What will happen to my payment if I cancel my booking?

Our guides work super hard to provide high-quality experiences for travelers. We know life happens, and there may be circumstances in which you have to cancel. See our Cancellation Policy here.


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Who can become a guide?

If you're passionate about food and your city why not be a foodie guide!  It's not necessary to be a professional tour guide. Sharing your passion for food, your city and a love of people is all it takes.

I've signed up to be a guide, what's next?

Congratulations, we're excited to have you on board! First, decide what kind of experience you want to offer travelers. Many guides offer a showcase experience that includes 3-4 stops over 3 hours, at their favorite local spots, usually including some food and beverage. Some guides offer a home cooked meal, others incorporate biking or sole venues such as wineries and breweries. Consider how long you want your experience to be, what should be included and excluded, what is a fair price, It's totally up to you!

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How do I create an experience?

The first thing you should note is only users who have confirmed their email addresses can start creating experiences. Once confirmed, you simply follow the 5 step process by filling in the information requested. 

Choosing a title for your experience

Brainstorm a creative and descriptive title for your experience. We suggest using an attractive and enticing title that immediately tells people something unique about your experience. 


Tell us about your experiences. In a few sentences summarize what you are offering, what makes your experience unique and why travelers should book your experience!

Detailed Description

When you describe your tour, make sure you use beautiful, alluring pictures of delicious food that travelers can try if they go on your tour. For each photo, add a colorful description. It’s best to use 3-5 images with a short description for each to describe your tour. When describing your experience its best to provide as much information as possible. Experiences with beautiful, high-quality images of food, people, locations that reflect the experience offered usually perform the best.


Select the tags which best describe your experience. You cannot choose more than 5 tours. Tags are helpful for travelers to find the perfect experience for them.

Header Photo

The header image is the very first thing travelers see when they click your tour. This is where you make your first impression, so it is super important to select an image that is high quality, relevant and accurately reflects your experience. Here is an example of an excellent header image -

Additional Photos

Additional photos are required to show travelers that you really can offer them an interesting, unique, fun and delicious experience. Add as many additional photos as you can, more images spark interest in potential travelers.

Video Description

If you have a video that describes your experience, that’s ideal! Be sure to add it to the description. A video will help to convey the atmosphere better. If you currently don’t have a video, don’t worry. You can add it later. 

How scheduling works:

With FoodieTrip you can work when you want. When creating an experience, specify how often you are available. Being available means you will accept booking requests for the days/times specified.  We offer a choice of three options:

  1. Always available - your calendar is always open to receive booking requests.
  2. Sometimes available - Select the date period you are available from. Choose this option if you are offering a seasonal tour, or if you don’t plan to conduct tours for an extended period of time. Example: 5/15/2017-6/15/2017 and 7/1/2017-7/15-2017.
  3. Available on certain days - Choose specific days you're experience will run. For example, you may be available only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How do I set a price?

First and foremost, it is very important to specify what is included and what is not included. The traveler should understand what additional costs to expect and what they are getting for their money. Consider what is a fair price for what you are offering. 

Inclusions & Exclusions

It is very important that the traveler clearly understands what is included in the listed price and that there are no unexpected hidden costs.

List the options that are included in the experience price, as well as a list of optional or mandatory extras which are not included. We recommend that you include in the price as much as possible. For example:

  • The cost of all meals which you write about in the description
  • The cost of drinks which you write about in your description
  • Any fares
  • Admission to locations, if any
  • Other extras which may require payment, and without which the travelers will not be able to fully participate in your experience

You cannot include optional extras in the cost of the tour, such as:

  • The cost of souvenirs
  • The cost of tasting kits that are available
  • Extra food or beverages that have not been announced in the tour description

A detailed description of the options that are included and not included in the price means you’ll have satisfied travelers, good reviews and high rankings on FoodieTrip.

What is a private experience?

If you offer a tour that is open for anyone to join, you may also offer it as a private experience. This means that the traveler or group can book the experience exclusively, without sharing with other guests. As a rule, private experiences are often more expensive than public ones. You can indicate a separate price for a private experience in your experience listing settings.

Booking & Confirmation

When a traveler requests to book your experience you will receive an email notification with the details. You have 24 hours to either confirm or cancel the request. If you take no action the request will be canceled. It's important to keep in mind that you have indicated your availability and the funds have been taken from the guide. Cancellations should only occur during unexpected circumstances or through mutual agreement. You are able to contact the traveler directly through the FoodieTrio platform to discuss details.

Our cancellation policy can be found here.

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PAYMENT & PAYOUT (for guides)

Receiving Payment

All funds are held by FoodieTrip until completion of the experience, there is a 48 hour hold period after completion in which the traveler has the opportunity to raise any concerns, complaints or issues. 

Payout Method

You can choose your payment method in your guide profile settings. You can withdraw money to your bank account or to a Payoneer card. If you do not have a Payoneer card, you can order one through your Payoneer account.

In payout settings, you can choose from three options:

  1. To withdraw money automatically when it appears on your FoodieTrip account. If you choose this we will transfer money every time it comes to your account.
  2. To withdraw money when the sum reaches a particular amount. In this case, we will transfer money every time your account balance reaches your set amount.
  3. To withdraw money manually. In this case, we will not make any transfers without you taking action. You will be able to make transfers whenever you want.   

What is the commission on withdrawals?

We use Payoneer to make withdrawals.
FoodieTrip does not take any commissions for withdrawals. Payoneer takes $3 from each withdrawal to your Payoneer card or $3 + 2% commission from each withdrawal to your bank account.
We recommend you read the terms of transferring money to your bank account to be sure that you choose the most convenient option for you.

In future, we are planning to add PayPal as a payout option.


All taxes are the paid by the guides in accordance with their country's law. FoodieTrip is not responsible for the payment of taxes.

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What is the service fee?

The service fee is how we keep the FoodieTrip service alive. A 15% service fee is added to the listed price and displayed upon making a booking request.

Cancellations & the service fee

Please see our Cancellation Policy for service fee refunds.

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How do referrals & coupons work?

You can invite your Foodie friends to join you on FoodieTrip. For each friend you invite, you will receive a credit of $10 as soon as your friend registers on the site and purchases their first experience. If your friend becomes a guide and sells their experience one time, you'll get a coupon for $40. You can earn up to $50 worth of FoodieTrip credit. If your friends register through the link you provided them, they will also receive $10 off their first experience.

How can I invite my friends to FoodieTrip?

When you are inviting your friends, make sure you use your personal referral link so that you earn FoodieTrip credit. You can find your personal link here.
You can send the link by email, sharing a post on a social network, or in any other way, you’d like on this page.

How do I use coupons?

You can use coupons when you book on the FoodieTrip checkout. The value of the coupon will be applied and deducted from your final price.
The coupon can only be used towards the price of the experience.
To use the coupon, you need to enter the code when you book and make sure that the value of the coupon was subtracted from the total price of the booking before you proceed to pay. We cannot apply coupon codes after a booking has been made.

Why can't I use my coupon?

If you cannot use your coupon, check it has not previously been used, and that it has not expired (coupons are valid for one year unless otherwise specified). Ensure you have confirmed your email registration.
If you’ve checked the above and you still cannot use your coupon use the link below to contact support.

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Who are Super Guides?

A Super Guide is a guide that has an outstanding experience. There are some very important criteria: the guide does not cancel bookings, promptly responds to new requests from travelers (within 24 hours), has a high rating based upon reviews, and has guided more than 30 experiences. If you see the Super Guide mark on a guide’s profile, you can be sure you’ll have a great time. 

You can become a Super Guide by meeting the above criteria.

What benefits do Super Guides get?

Super Guides have a special status here at FoodieTrip. If you become a Super Guide, you will be awarded the Super Guide badge. The badge sets you apart from other guides and lets travelers know that your experiences are popular and of a very high quality. In addition, we will support and promote you - Super Guides appear first in searches, participate in mailing lists, and are the first to gain access to new features at FoodieTrip.

Can I lose my Super Guide Status?

Yes. Super Guide Status is only maintained by continually meeting the Super Guide Criteria.

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Why are reviews necessary?

Reviews are an important part of ensuring our experiences are meeting and exceeding our high standards. Peer reviews allow other travelers to gain a unique understanding of what they can expect if they book an experience.

Who can write a review?

A review can only be written by a traveler who has completed an experience. This is to ensure j=honest and accurate reviews are provided.

Can a guide edit or delete a review?

The guide cannot edit or delete reviews.The FoodieTrip team closely monitors reviews, if the review contains banned content (inappropriate content or language, direct contacts, advertising, etc...) it will be removed or edited accordingly. If you believe a negative review has been written unfairly, please contact us using the link below.

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How does a traveler book a tour?

A traveler submits a booking request based on your provided availability, that includes all the information pertaining to the booking. Time, date and the number of travelers. It's important to note that travelers funds are held at this time to ensure a smooth booking process and to avoid cancellations for guides. You have 24 hours to either confirm the booking or cancel. If you don't respond the booking will be canceled. 

It's important to ensure your availability is current to avoid disappointing travelers eager to share your experience.

When is an experience considered to be booked?

An experience is considered to be booked only after the booking is complete. Both the guide and traveler will receive confirmation emails. Guides can see requests in “Your Reservations” when logged into your account.

Reservation Statuses & Meanings

  • Awaiting confirmation by you – This means that the traveler has made a booking request and the guide needs to confirm or cancel within 24 hours.
  • Refused by you – This means that the guide has canceled the request.
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Reservation Statuses & Meanings

  • Awaiting confirmation by the guide – This means the traveler has made a booking request and is awaiting guide confirmation.
  • Refused by the guide - This means that the guide has canceled the request. You can ask the guide for alternative dates.​
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