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Who are Foodie Guides?

Foodie Guides are independent people who create unique culinary experiences to share with travelers around the world.

Who can become a Foodie Guide?

Anyone with a passion for their local cuisine and a desire for connecting with travelers can earn money offering a trip as a Foodie Guide.
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Meet our guides

Jim from Tokyo

You can usually find him hanging out in cafes, bars and all the exciting new, underground places in Tokyo. He loves sharing his trendy establishment discoveries with tourists who would otherwise never see them. It gives him a chance to show off his city the way he sees it.

Alina from New York

Outside of Italy, New York City is the second most famous for their delicious pizza. In her spare time, Alina loves combining the tastes of different pies that she has tried all around the city, and whipping up her own special recipe. She mastered the skill so much that she has started her own pizza making workshop.

Carlos from Mexico

Living in the warm tropics of Mexico, Carlos loves inviting travelers over for a home cooked meal with his wife. He enjoys discussing his Mexican heritage and the culture that he grew up surrounding himself with. If you are his guest one day, don’t be surprised to find paella with seafood as one of his main dishes for you to taste.

Why Become a Foodie Guide?

Meet amazing people

Connect with curious, hungry travelers from all around the world and share your love of food with them

Earn money

Whether you’re a pro guide or just a foodie with some local knowledge, you can supplement your income by doing what you love

Showcase your culture

Nothing shows the soul of a country or city better than its food. Give travelers a unique glimpse into your heart

Decide what kind of experience you’re going to share, FoodieTrip provides the rest:

User-friendly platform

Create, modify, and promote your experiences all in a matter of minutes.

Secure, international transactions

FoodieTrip offers a wide variety of payment processing methods in different currencies all with the highest security standards.

Launch your own business

Want to start a part or full-time business doing something that you love? FoodieTrip can help you create great experiences, provide training and guidelines.

Marketing is on us

Get on the radar for the thousands of foodies coming to your city. Our top guides are featured on and off the site.

The Details:

It is 100% free to create an account and list your experience/s on the FoodieTrip marketplace.

  • You pay 5% hosting fee ONCE purchase has been made (no fees are taken unless a booking is confirmed). This fee is deducted from your payout.
  • Depending on your payout method, it usually takes 5–10 days to receive your payout. There is a 3 day holding period after your experience is completed to ensure no complaints have been made by the foodie. Payoneer charges a $3 fee.
  • A 15% service fee is added to your listed price. For example, your experience costs $40, foodies see your experience listed for $46 — this is how we keep the service alive!

We love to showcase and highlight our guides through our social media and on our blog. Take a look at An Insider Look At Our Guides.

We pride ourselves on the transparency and fairness of the interactions we have with the guides utilizing our services. We provide detailed explanations of the hosting and service fees and payouts in our Terms & Conditions. Still got questions? You can email us at

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