A Nicer New York

Dante, a New York native, reveals NYC’s softer side

Tina Wu | Summer Intern

New York is known for many things - Broadway shows, big personalities, the Statue of Liberty - but not all of its associations are positive. Time and again we’ve heard the assumption that most New Yorkers are rude, mean, and generally unpleasant. A conversation with Dante Mercadante, a New York native and FoodieTrip guide, demonstrates that this stereotype simply does not hold true. During my interview with Dante, he shares his favorite places to go, his favorite things to eat, and of course, a glimpse into the real New York temperament. Trust him - he’s been doing this professionally for five years!


Q: What is your favorite place to go in all of NYC?

A: My favorite neighborhood in all of New York, just to kind of walk around and hang out in, would be the West Village. I just love those quiet, tree-lined, quaint streets!


Q: What is your favorite thing to eat in NYC?

A: I think my death-row meal would probably be a pastrami sandwich from Katz’s Deli. On rye, with a black cherry Dr. Brown’s soda to go with it. (Check out Dante with Katz’s Deli’s current owner, Jake Dell, on the right!)

Q: What is the #1 mistake tourists make in NYC?

A: The #1 mistake tourists make is being afraid to ask for help. Most New Yorkers are nice, and once we realize that you’re not trying to swindle us out of money, or sell us your hot mixtape, we’ll be quick to stop and help you!


Q: What should someone expect when they sign up for your experience?

A: When you sign up for a food experience with me, I make three promises. Number one, you’ll have some fun. Number two, you’ll definitely learn something. And number three, you will leave full. If you’re not full at the end of the tour, I’ll take you around twice!


Dante is the perfect example of a nice New Yorker - after going on his FoodieTrip experience around the lower east side, I found that Dante definitively fulfilled his three promises. I had tons of fun, learned a lot (which is saying something, as I’m a native New Yorker as well), and was so full I couldn’t finish some of my food towards the end of the tour!

If you’re ready and hungry, then head over to FoodieTrip to start planning your one-of-a-kind food experience - what are you waiting for?