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Our Top 5 Try Before You Die

 Kiara Cunningham | Content Marketing Manager

With its humble beginning in Naples, Italy, Pizza has fast become a worldwide favorite, so much in fact that it’s basically a universal language. The Margherita, Pizza classic, in all its cheesy goodness was created by Raffaele Esposito to represent the national colors of Italy as depicted on the Italian flag. Pretty cool.

Perhaps one of the best things about pizza is the various adaptations across the globe. Thin crust, thick crust, cheesy crust, New York style, deep dish, bar style, wood-fired. Anyway, you like it, you can have it. Quality, craftsmanship, and creativity are at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to indulge in a slice (or three).

Add these magical pizzerias to your list of things to do before you “kick the bucket” so to speak. It’s not just pizza, it’s an experience. Pizza is life.

Where to eat:

Pepe in Grani - Naples, Italy  

Although it’s not technically located in central Naples, it’s worth the 20-mile trip to devour these delicious hand-crafted pizzas! True to traditional techniques, Franco Pepe the mastermind behind Pepe in Grani spends his days perfecting his closely guarded recipe. His method is extremely technical, calculating, and developing the dough according to the temperature and the particular flour. So much love goes into every single pizza.

Green Door Pizza Bakery - Jerusalem, Israel

Sadly, Green Door Pizza Bakery has no address but if you’re lucky enough to find this hidden gem in Jerusalem's Muslim quarter you’re in for a treat. Literally working out of a hole in the floor, owner and pizzaiolo Abu Ali greets you in broken English, smoking a cigarette and asks “meat or no meat?”. The pizzas are individually made with cheese and eggs and may be the most unique pizza you’ve ever tried!

Di Fara - Brooklyn, USA

Consistently rated in best pizza lists, Brooklyn’s Di Fara is legendary among pizza enthusiasts. Famed Pizzaiolo Dom Demarco has been perfecting his art since 1964. Regularly boasting a line out the door, this place easily exceeds the hype and lives up to its reputation. Di Fara is an institution.

Pizzeria Trianon - Naples, Italy

A panel of 13 esteemed pizzaiolo’s and pizza aficionados all agree that Pizzeria Trianon in Naples should be on your ‘must eat” list. Restaurateur, author of “the Pizza Bible” and 11 times World Pizza Champion, Tony Gemignani called his experience at Pizzeria Trianon a “defining moment”. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Vito and Nick’s - Chicago, USA

“If you don’t know about us, you will” is their motto. In business since 1923, Vito and Nick’s is lovingly known as the best pizza in Chicago. Looking for a typical deep dish Chicago pizza? You won’t find it here. Vito and Nick’s is strictly thin crust. Be mindful this place is cash only and you can’t get delivery. But why would you want to? The atmosphere is a much a part of the experience as the pizza itself. Enjoy!

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