Australia: Excite Your Tastebuds

The Native Revival

 Kiara Cunningham | Content Marketing Manager

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse and ethnically rich places on the planet. Spanning over a massive 2.5 million square miles, or 6.5 million square kilometers for you Aussies. This allows the four seasons to occur almost simultaneously resulting in a wealth of fresh produce year round.

Australian chefs have jumped on board the global food trend to embrace locally grown and farmed produce. But they’ve also got a secret, incorporating native Australian ingredients used by indigenous Australians for the past 40,000 years and whipping them into contemporary food heaven.

What are native Australian foods? Let’s talk about a few popular ingredients.

Marron: The third largest freshwater crustacean in the world, juicy and sweet.

Wattleseed: Seeds with a nutty flavor, comparable to that of hazelnuts

Kangaroo: A gamy, lean red meat that is high in protein and low in fat, similar to venison.

Wallaby: Milder flavor than Kangaroo, lean, best served raw.

Emu: Lean, gamy red meat.

Finger Lime: Sweet and sour pearls (similar in appearance to caviar) that burst open to reveal their complex flavor.

Did you know Kangaroo meat is widely sold at most supermarkets? Fact.

Want to eat like a local? Here’s where you can do it.

New South Wales: Momofuku Seibo

Momofuku Seibo in Sydney was the first restaurant opened outside of the US by famed NYC chef David Chang. They embrace the native revival drawing inspiration from the bounty of Australian produce. Here you can find inclusions like sweet marron and wattleseed meringue.

South Australia: Orana

This restaurant whisks you away in an intimate and relaxing setting. Start with their squid, finger lime and aniseed myrtle dish followed by their wattleseed and kangaroo risotto with wild grasses, you won’t be disappointed.

Victoria: Attica

Rated #33 in the World’s 50 best restaurants for the third year running as judged by 900 of the world’s finest chefs and restaurateurs, you don’t want to miss this one! Located in the suburbs of Melbourne, here you can try Emu’s egg. They offer vegetarian options too!

Western Australia: Greenhouse

Greenhouse is the epitome of sustainable and cool. The premise houses a rooftop garden that supplies their vegetables and herbs, the furniture is recycled and handmade on-site and all waste is composted, waste not! Here you can check out the local Barramundi.

Queensland: Tukka

Tukka is at the forefront of innovative Australian cuisine. Purposefully ensuring every dish provides a little taste of Australia, it is known as one of Brisbane’s best restaurants. Their native platter includes a signature selection of native game meats, fruits, nuts, berries, spices with damper (a flour based bread) and dips all prepared in house. Or go for the crocodile. Yum!

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