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We are 3 Roman Foodies: Jennifer, Andrea and Irene. Jennifer "...Whether you call it the slow food movement, the organic, the farm-to-table…it’s just important that we all eat wisely. I believe the soil is the men’s most treasured possession and we must preserve local food traditions in a way that demonstrates integrity towards our earth and our hardworking producers: Moms, Grandmas, Dads and Grandpas, farmers, fishermen, bakers, BEES, goats, chickens, cows, soil, water. I take food with a serious curiosity and so can you. :-)" Andrea "we are what we eat"... and how! Our body cells renew themselves constantly, we decide the nutrients we want to be part of our hearts and brains; that's what I learned during my studies in medicine. Together with food we introduce experiences, sensations, emotions and those are just as fundamental as molecules for our wellness. Sharing this concept is my goal, you won’t learn that in the biochemistry book! (at least not in my edition...) " Irene "I have a background in science, so I really care about the way food is produced: I support organic growing methods and practices that respect animal welfare. I love simple recipes that taste great because its ingredients are delicious!"

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Trastevere Food Tour

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We are all Romans sharing the passion for food and wine and we offer exclusive cultural food tours for small groups (max 6 people). Our tours give you the opportunity to learn about real Roman cuisin ... + MORE

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