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About me

Born in Michigan to an Italian mother and Norwegian/Romanian father, I have spent many years of my life in a variety of European countries including Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and now the United Kingdom. Each countries that I have lived in gave me a unique and culturally-rich experience that I carry with me to this day, however Italy influenced me the most. I spent 11 years in Central Italy, observing the simplicity of cooking magnificent dishes, working on farms, studying in kitchens, making lifelong friends and learning the true essence of my Italian heritage. My love for food & wine and sharing experiences with others brought me into the field of Food Tourism. After completing my qualification as a sommelier, I moved to London to further pursue my experiences in the ever-growing field of Food Tourism in London. As a strong advocate for the "Quality over Quantity" mentality that I developed in Italy, I work to promote sustainable and healthy eating, as well as "cultural food knowledge" - learning about the history behind the foods we eat and how our modern dishes came to exist. I am also an advocate for not wasting money on bad food. I like to work with suppliers that have heart behind what they do and are not just in the food business to make a profit.

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