FoodieTrip Launches Hundreds of Local Culinary Experiences Across over 70 International Cities

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New York City, NY Dec. 6, 2016 With 81% of American travelers reporting that food and beverage account for the largest expenditure while traveling, FoodieTrip is seizing the opportunity and tapping into the $150 billion culinary tourism market by providing personalized, authentic food experiences led by local guides in over 70 international cities.

As the culinary travel market grows so does the frustration on behalf of travelers who are not satisfied with the fragmentation and lackluster experiences afforded by typical tourist traps. And while travelers are no longer content eating like tourists, they’re also not fond of the hours of research required to find hidden culinary gems in their next travel destinations.

“Dining on the road has long been a source of frustration for travelers, particularly around holidays,” said Matan Magril, CEO and CoFounder of FoodieTrip. “For the millions of people traveling between now and year end, the good news is that FoodieTrip's marketplace offers a growing netowrk of hundreds of authentic culinary experiences to choose from worldwide, so they can spend less time researching and more time tasting.”

Recognized by Skift, the largest travel tech industry intelligence platform, as one of the top companies shaping the modern day travel experience, FoodieTrip is fast becoming essential for foodies, travelers and guides alike.

In order to serve the 39 million Americans who choose a travel destination based on the availability of culinary activities, FoodieTrip’s proprietary marketplace platform provides instant access to hundreds of local gastronomic adventures. Travelers can easily search and securely book experiences ranging from brewing local beer in Brooklyn, to tasting Tapas like locals in Barcelona, or sipping sake in secret izakayas in Tokyo, within a matter of minutes.

FoodieTrip: Eat Like a Local Everywhere
”Tasting the distinct foods and drinks of a destination with local food guides is essential to experiencing it”

"Vladimir (Borisov) and I started FoodieTrip because we believe that tasting the distinct foods and drinks of a destination with local food guides is essential to experiencing it." The FoodieTrip team has been working closely with major international hotels to bring FoodieTrip’s authentic food adventures to travelers and gain market exposure.

About FoodieTrip
FoodieTrip is a webbased marketplace that connects travelers and adventure seekers with local food guides for authentic gastronomic experiences all over the world. The first company to take fragmentation within the culinary tourism industry head on by consolidating and curating high quality experiences led by locals, for travelers worldwide. With hundreds of unique listings across over 70 international cities from New York City to Tokyo to Mexico City and growing, FoodieTrip is fast becoming essential for foodies, travelers and guides.

FoodieTrip is headquartered in New York City. With a team of passionate foodies and travelers from across the globe; USA, Israel, Australia, Ukraine and Russia FoodieTrip is a truly international company.

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